Nutrition & Education International (NEI) is a relief organization shipping soybean seeds and processing machinery for soybeans to Afghanistan to fight its malnutrition and food security problems by growing soybean and providing soy-based food staples for the needy.

Cargo Speedline have been active in handling projects in Afghanistan since 2003 as the attached letter of recommendation will attest, and they have been our shipping and freight forwarding company of choice since the beginning of our activities up to the present.

Over the years Cargo Speedline have provided excellent services for our shipments going to Afghanistan via air and ocean, and they have not only demonstrated complete knowledge of local U.S. Customs, transportation and shipping requirements, but their knowledge and expertise in navigating the strict and complex documentation in Afghanistan for relief cargo, as well as handling the daily problems of the ever changing local conditions via their well-established associates and agents in Pakistan and Afghanistan has been truly superb. Furthermore, the scope of their services is not limited to just Kabul, but extends to many other points such as Parwan, Jalalabad and, sometimes even volatile points such as Kunduz and Herat.

Our own experience with Cargo Speedine is not just that of a Shipper/Freight Forwarder relationship, but as somewhat of an extension of our logistics arm, shouldering all the responsibilities of preparation, planning, scanning the market for the most cost- and time-effective shipping service, and finally executing the transfer of goods from origin to final destination.

We therefore would not hesitate to recommend the services of Cargo Speedline and will be happy to provide more information if needed.

Steven Kwon, Ph.D., NEI President
Nurition & Education International


Cargo Speeadline Inc. recently successfully completed a very challenging and complex shipment of armored vehicles to Afghanistan with a high level of dedication and professionalism. Despite the challenging circumstances revolving around the project, we were very impressed with their knowledge of local country shipping conditions, and their responsive customer service that was tailored to suit project needs. Also, as a result of an extremely competitive bid process, Cargo Speedline's pricing for this project was very cost-effecient in comparison to some of the key players in the industry. Consequently, based upon past project performance, we would like to recommend that you consider Cargo Speedline frieght forwarding services.

Kirby Condron, Sr. Procurement Officer
American Manufacturers Export Group

American University of Armenia

As Operaions Manager of the American University of Armenia Corporation, I have used the services of Cargo SPeedline on many occasions to ship commodities purchase in the United States under USAID/ASHA grants for the benefit of the American University of Armenia.

For diverse shipments, I have selected Cargo Speedline as the prferred bidder based upon careful assessment of price and quality of service, and have always been satisfied with their professionalism.

Cargo Speedline has successfully and efficiently consolidated deliveries and shipments from a wide variety of vendors and demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the shipping business, including US requirements and those of the Middle East.

In summary, I recommend Cargo Speedline very strongly, and will be pleased to provide more details to anybody who needs it.

Richard W. Youatt, Operations Manager
American University of Armenia