…For diverse shipments, I have selected Cargo Speedline as the prferred bidder based upon careful assessment of price and quality of service, and have always been satisfied with their professionalism...

Richard W. Youatt
American University of Armenia

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The very nature of freight consolidation, tapping freight from all over the U.S. to our nearest container freight station and consolidating into container loads, lends itself to this type of services that has become our specialty.

Handling Projects offers very little tolerance for errors. From running a precise documentation process that accounts for every single piece shipped to tracking vessels/aircraft movements to pre-alert destination site of any delays or changes in routing. This is precisely what we do with consolidations and our experience in our primary field of activity has served us well in handling Projects.

Among recent projects handled to odd destinations of the world:

  • Airport Scanning Equipment via ocean/overland to Nakhijevan (land-locked and disputed area cut off mainland Azerbaijan)
  • Gasification Project of the city of Chisinau, Moldova via ocean/overland a/c several international major tool companies
  • American University of Armenia in Yerevan, Armenia Construction material a/c AUA / USAID
  • AMEG in Kabul, Afghanistan
    Air lift of 24 Armoured Vehicles a/c AMEG / USAID
  • DollarStore to Almaty and Ashkababd via Ocean and the Chinese Railways
    Multiple containers to open new stores in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan
  • Nutrition & Education International (NEI) to Afghanistan Multiple containers of Soy Seeds and Machinery to Kabul, Parwan, Jalalabad, Kunduz a/c NEI / USAID